All About Cashflow

Who i Am : Lazarus Cabell.♥
[x] they call me laz;lazo.or bbethug.
[x] top of the line. dime. ;)
[x] irep $$uptown$$
[x] started killinq yu hoes on 04.19.94
[x] 17 years younq.
[x] dumb bxtches can't stop my shine so don't
even try i'll end up on top every muh fxckinq time.
[x] i only fxck wit the best +& if yu aint the best then fxck yu.
[x] qot that (IDGAF ] attitude.
[x] envied by many. aha!
[x] iqot that Best Of Both Worlds swaqq. (:
[x] this badd bxtch is always imitated but never duplicated.
[x] i don't bite my tonque for nobody if i qot somethinq to say dhen i'm damn sure qone say it.
[x] Funny - Silly - Shy - LaidBack
[x] i Ride Or Die Fo Mines.
[x] Musiq Is Uh Part Of My Life.
[x] Meeting New People,Makes Myh GottDamn Day(:
[x] I Gota BbeMomma, [DANIELLE]
[x] I Gota PlayWifey , Whitch is [Valecia Hooks]
[x] And i Got Tht One, Thts Always Der [Alexis Jade Jackson] i <3 This Girl , [x] Btw Yes Im SINGLE ,But I Hope Not For Longg(:
~ Monday, January 23 ~


Uhm , love … It takes ALOT to love somebody. Even more to fall inlove with them , you would think , they would’ consider your feelings enough to not hurt you in the long run , like Wats the point if ur going or plan on hurting tht person n the long run, like why do tht , like … Yuhr , letting gain all these feelings , seeming like ur working ur ass off to have or mke it offcail, but at the end , u hurt meh , Nd Waisted my time <3

~ Tuesday, January 10 ~

^^^^^Yuep This Is All Meh,”Government Name ” Lazarus Cabell “

  • Known By Many , Live In “Evansville In” , Known By, “Many” & Nicknames ? I Have Many, As i Gave Already Towards The Top Of My Page , The Only One I May Not Have Mentiond Wuld Beh “CASHFLOW” , I Keep Stacks , Never Broke , Ask About Meh <3
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